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I have an issue with my new router I can't seem to solve. My internet works fine through my cable modem then through my vonage modem to my PC. When I put the router between the vonage modem and my PC I can't get internet to work. I can talk to the router using its IP, and adjust the configurations. It seems to detect the dynamic IP fine and assigns IP's and subnet masks, etc. but no internet.

I have tried power cycling all the modems in order, checked all the cables, adjsted all the router settings I can find, but the only way I can get internet working is to take the router out of the loop. I even tried running network setup wizard through windows xp on the PC - no dice.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Try going into the router and make sure MAC address filtering isn't being enforced. Verify that your NIC's MAC address shows up on the router... a few linksys routers require this out of the box. It gives the same symptoms as well; connection to the router, but not to the internet. (More information on the router you're using would be helpful)

    Also, to be clear, your PC is connecting directly through your cable modem... or does it go through something else first?
  2. Thanks for the response - I'll check the MAC address filtering and post back within a couple of hours (along with more info on the router if I don't get it up and running).

    To answer your question, my current setup is: Internet (Coax Cable) <--> Cable Modem <--> Vonage (VOIP) Modem <--> PC

    What I have been attempting is: Internet (Coax Cable) <--> Cable Modem <--> Vonage (VOIP) Modem <--> Router <--> 3 PC's

    Another possibility I have not tried is to connect the vonage after the router, I don't see why that would help though (I could give the Vonage modem it's own connection to the Router, but I'm not sure that would help anything either).

    Thanks again for the help!
  3. There is a MAC address showing up - I tried the options they had for MAC addresses, which was to clone a new MAC address of restore the factory default. Either way same result - internet works fine once the router is out of the loop.

    Here's the basic info on the router:

    Cable/DSL Router
    Model No.: TL-R402M

    I'm gonna google the model number some more and try to dig up a fix. Thanks again for the help.
  4. I wonder if your Vonage modem is acting as another router... try taking it out of the loop temporarily and using the router in it's place. (Also, when the router is plugged in, see if it at least assigns your PC an IP address so you can verify that it is actually working.)
  5. If I understand this correctly you are connecting your components like this

    Internet -> Cable Modem -> Vonage Modem -> Router -> PC

    Find out what the MAC address of vonage modem is. It may have two MAC addresses, one for the internal interfaces (that your PC plugs into) and one for the external interface (that plugs into the modem). You want the external interface MAC address if there is two.

    Then take out the vonage modem so you have

    Internet -> Cable Modem -> Router -> PC

    See if this works. If it doesn't then you need to change the external MAC address of your router to the same as the vonage one. The reason you might need to do this is that some cable modems (such as crappy NTL ones) only let known MAC addresses connect to it, God knows why.

    Does this help/fix any problems?
  6. Thanks for the tips - I'll give these a try this afternoon and report back when/if I get anywhere.
  7. Not sure what I did, but once I got desperate and started changing settings I wasn't sure about I managed to get the router to not be able to talk to my comp anymore. I tried holding in the reset button with a paperclip for seemingly ridiculous amounts of time, but at this point I can no longer talk to the router at all. Fortunately I got it for less than $20 so I'm thinking about scrapping, picking up a hub and a ethernet card and moving on.
  8. Sounds like you could have disabled DHCP or something. I would have thought there was some way of resetting the device back to the factory settings but if it's not in the manual I wouldn't have a clue how.

    Sorry to hear it's not working for you.
  9. Not sure what brand your router is, but I know linksys requires you to hold the reset for 30 seconds while the device is powered on. You'll notice the lights cycle like 3 times then they just wont cycle anymore.
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