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Hey guys,
I'm new here and I'm glad to chat in Tom's hardware.
I have a 6 months-old desktop running win7 and i think to upgrade it to win8 pro as there is a discout. But the problem is that I have an old toshiba laptop under win vista and i want to upgrade it windows 7 USING THE SAME KEY AS ON MY DESKTOP (have the oem installation disc). Will it let me to activate win7 on this laptop of course after ugrading to win8 on the desktop? Also if this is possible are there going to be any driver compatibility issues on the laptop and what should I do?
Finally I'd like to hear some opinions about Win 8 - is it better than 7, any bugs, performance,etc.?

Thank you, I appreciate it. :)
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    1) NO. Your Windows 7 OEM version Lic is Tied to the MB that it was first installed on. You can not Ugrade the MB, or Move to a 2nd system. There is only ONE case were it is legal, and that is if the MB it was first installed on DIES.

    2) There are several treads that addresses Windows 8 - People either love it, or Hate it. Seems tobe more of a personal issue. I personally had NO real problems with it and the primary benifit was faster Boot time. I did However revert back to Windows 7. As to the Interface, It looks like a tablet.
  2. You can only reuse the W7 licence if both it and the W8 are retail and not OEM or upgrade editions.
  3. Thanks guys, now I understand that I have to leave everything as it is.
    Have nice winter season :)
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