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I have intel wireless 2100A mini PCI adapter. How can I find that it is 802.11 (a) or (b) or (g)? Thing is, the access point is planet WEP-4033 which is 802.11g and I have some problems in connectivity with it. Is it related to compatibility issues?

Is 802.11a compatible with 802.11g?
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  1. It's 802.11b.

    You need a router that supports b and set it up to support b. Sometimes it's a b/g mixed mode.
  2. a lot of g routers will do both g and b because they work at the same frequency.

    And what do you mean by "some problems" because if you can connect at all then the router does support b and that wont cause the issues.
  3. Thanks for replies,

    The problem was (which is still remain somtimes) that I get random behaviour during interneting. Some times it disconnect after 5 minutes and some times it disconnect after 30 minutes...

    I test another laptop taht has 3945bg wireless and it does not have that behavior. So I thought maybe 2100 is not compatible with g access point.

    I am still challenging with the problem. Troubleshooting wireless connection is very hard!!....
  4. Like I said, you MUST set up router to use only 802.11b or else your adapter may not work sometimes cuz it is too picky or something. Also, disable any speed boost on router.
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