MSCONFIG won't apply!!!

I have been messing around with MSCONFIG recently and I changed things around with my boot so that it's quicker. That worked really well and stays how I set it.

On the other hand I noticed that for Startup it is set to selective startup. I figured it should be on Normal startup so I changed it and applied the change.

Now I notice that whenever I go back it is changed back to selective startup. It won't stay changed.

Anyone know what's going on or what I can do to fix this?
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  1. The changes were made under the "General" tab. Just in case I wasn't clear on that.
  2. If you disable services or programs from starting, that is 'selective startup.' Normal startup includes all services and programs.
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    Normal startup is the one set default by system!
    When you change bit from it , becomes Selective start up (like customized).
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