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wid dell vista i got a vista os after installin from that dvd it asked for activation code after using it for 30 days... how do i get the key??
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  1. It's on a sticker on the side of your Dell.
  2. Have you entered the product key while installing?
    Product key will be available on sticker over CPU or in the cover of Windows vista box.
    If you entered product key means, click on activate windows! (Go to Computer, right click-- properties-- down most you can see)
  3. If it's a Dell computer and a Dell Windows Vista CD, you shouldn't be asked for the Product Key. Something sounds fishy.
  4. if it was manufactured before a certain year you will be asked for the key,only a dell disc with xp will go on without key.the coa on the computer is probably for xp!
  5. you can't just grab any dell operating system disc and install it on any computer!that would be way to easy!
  6. I just reloaded a Dell Vostro laptop with Vista Business and I wasn't asked for the Product Key.
  7. yeah but on older systems with a different bios ,it will ask you for a key!
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