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I just got a computer that came preloaded with vista. I like windows 7 more, so I already installed it on the second hard drive. After successfully installing seven, working perfectly, I went on installing XP. Upon reboot, I noticed there was no Internet connection no matter what I did, so I decided to get the drivers through windows 7 and copy them over. The problem is, it won't show me the bootloader. It goes straight to xp, period. Now, when I look at the manage in my computer, and go to disk management, I see that xp is marked as "boot" vista is marked as "system" and seven is marked as "active". How do I get my other os's back?? I have never had this problem before!
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    You need to run the boot repair for windows 7 since XP boot loader is not compatible with Vista/W7. Google for instructions.
  2. Its ok, I just reinstalled win7 cause there was nothing on it, and that fixed it.
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