3Ds Max or Maya?

What's the difference?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?
What are the applications of both?; What are they used for?
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  1. 3ds max is more often used for enginnering; maya for animation and gaming.....that's what i heard and read ... but i like 3ds max much because of interface... :D
  2. 3ds max is more used for game design than maya ;)
    There are no big differences or advatages and disadvatages in both programs, apart from the interface (and user preference).
    Both are used for the same thing (3d design, animation,...).
  3. some reports (I do not know how accurate) say MAYA runs better with nVidia gfx cards.
    even though I like nVidia I'm not quite sure about that, you might have to check.
    not my area of specialty..
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