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Windows explorer closes with unknown software exception error

This problem only seems to happen when I am trying to look at images stored on a USB flash drive (any, not a specific one)or in my Pictures folder on C: drive and sometimes when I am trying to attach an image to an Outlook email. I get the messsage "The exception unknown software exception (0x0000002) occured in the application at location 0x7628fbae".
I searched internet and found articles that suggested my HP printer drivers could be the problem so I uninstalled all HP software to no avail. Also uninstalled IrfanView in case that was the problem. Also to no avail. Does anyone have any clues.
Running Vista Home Premium SP2
Computer: MEDION (laptop)
Model: MD97460
Processor: Inte(R) Pentium(R)Dual T3400 2.16GHz 2.17GHz
32-bit Operating System
Memory: 3.00GB RAM
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    Try Uninstalling Your HP Software using revouninstaller!

    Uninstall you HP Driver through Driver Cleaner 1.5 Pro!

    Unplug your HP printer &Restart!
    If everything works fine after this try download the Latest specific Vista drivers (32/64 bit) and Latest software from vista site & try again!

    Hope this helps!
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