How do you uninstall itunes when add or remove programs doesnt let you

I transferred the "My Music" folder from my work computer to my home computer and itunes hasn't worked the same since. It seems like it changed the path to where the itunes folder is. I tried to uninstall using add/remove programs and I got an error message saying "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing. the installation package "iTunes.msi" in the box below." After closing that dialogue box, another one pops up saying that the path cannot be found. Finally a third dialogue box pops up saying "The installation source for this product is not available. Verify the source ixists and that you can access it. I have deleted all folders containing the word "itunes" in it. It also let me uninstall all Apple apps along with bonjour and safari. Please let me know if anyone could help.
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  1. Was Itunes originally installed on your work or home PC? If it was installed on your work computer and you copied some files over in your music folder, search your comupter for 'itunes' and delete the files. You can then redownload itunes.
  2. Re-Install then Uninstall.
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    Use Revo uninstaller.

    Very powerful and free:
  4. Revo is good, I use that too. But that will initially run the programs uninstall utility which will give him the same problem. Re-Installing iTunes first should work.
  5. I appreciate all the help everyone gave. I had tried deleting everything that had "itunes", I tried re-installing itunes all with no luck. Revounistaller worked like a charm. It not only cleared everything related to itunes, it uninstalled it and allowed me to re-install a new version. Thanks btk1w1! It worked like a charm!
  6. There is also a very good eManual with software included with step by step instructions for those who still have trouble and need step by step guidance if you still need help with revo uninstaller!
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