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I am getting a new computer with two harddrives. I was wondering if the speed/boot up time of my computer will slow down once I install the following software to the 2nd harddrive:

Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008, and etc.

From my experience in the past, computer systems tend to run faster with less software. However, with a gaming rig using i7 processor, will I be experiencing slow down when installing the above software?

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, let me know if I need to post system specs.
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    Computers will slow down over time as the OS registry builds up and processes running in the background using system resources. Installing those programs will not make any difference to your user experience with your computer.
  2. Thanks for the information. If this is the case, will cleaning the registry help speed it back up?
  3. Yes a clean registry saves windows looking down the dead ends (paths that lead to nowhere) and limiting applications running in the background which is another hog on the system resources.
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  5. Any recommendations to which registry cleaner I should use? I see that some are free on the web, but I believe others I can purchase. Regardless, I just want to use one that is well known and doesn't include bloatware/spyware. Any recommendations is greatly appreciated!

  6. All I can suggest is read the reviews before you pick one.
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