Stutters/Lockups in Vista. Want confirmation of my findings


I've been experiencing a problem since upgrading my cpu/motherboard/ram. Sometimes no problems in a night, sometimes, it could happen 5/6 times in a night. I did see an article that said faulty CPUs tend to show problems doing the same task.Below are the details.

I seem to get lockups for up to about 5 seconds, and then the pc continues as if nothing went wrong. I mainly notice this when watching videos.

I've tried the following:

3 different graphics cards (1xnvidia, 2xati)
2 mice
cycled through my 3 2gb memory sticks, by running 2gb at a time
Reinstalled vista x62 multiple times
Installed without putting on klite
Installed to 2 different hard drives
knocked out my raid on drive f:
changed from AHCI to standard IDE
Forked out for another motherboard

Main details (with variations I've tried:
Both MBs were gigabyte
3x2gb ddr3
I7 920 cpu
Nvidia 295 or ATI 4870 or ATI 5970
Vista x62 SP1 or SP2

I still get the same problem. From what I can see the only static variable is the CPU. Is it possible the CPU could be the culprit, or am I missing something.

thnaks in advance

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  1. Check your Device Manager.
    Are there any bad installed devices indicated?
  2. Hi,

    Device manager looks fine. All devices have drivers and are working correctly. Windows Event log also shows no errors
  3. Have you tried same thing with on board video??
    Try using one GPU at a time.
    Use driver sweeper or driver cleaner 1.5 pro to remove all drivers, try updating with latest nvidia/ati drivers available??
  4. Hi,

    I'm afraid I dont have onboard graphics. One of the ATI cards I've tried was only a single GPU version. I dont think it's a drivers problem as I've tried ones that came on CD and I've also tried downloading from the web, with my various reinstalls of the OS.
  5. You need to remove the old video driver from the Safe mode (F8).
    It can't be changed while in use.
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