Vista home premium random crash.. wont install updates

i dont have a recovery disk so i dont think i can start over from scratch.. the comp fails to install almost all updates and crashes randomly.. im sure someone out there knows what the prob is. im sure its commen.
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  1. There are about a million things that could be wrong here. Lets start with checking your ram with MemTest86+ for those random crashes.
  2. ok. that took me a while to get going. i let it run overnight and there is about 217856 errors so far. out of 13 passes as far as i can tell. unless it starts over again. im guessing i need to replace the ram.. im wondering if its compatability or damage... if i do it ill use the recomended up-grade from that sight.. - ty-
  3. Probably just faulty. It can happen to anyone. I've had a few sticks go bad myself. RMA it, or just buy some new ram and install it.
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