Is there a Sync utility that will run realtime?

Am using SynToy 2.1 and have read over Allway Sync, and need something that will detect changes to a document and sync automatically to a USB external drive, immediately, almost realtime. SyncToy doesn't do that.
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  1. hi

    use this program:;6

    it will do what you looking for and much more
  2. I got this reply from someone that was analyzing several sync programs -- What do you think??

    I would suggest looking at either Yadis! Backup

    or AutoVer

    Both of them will monitor a folder or a file for changes, and make a backup as soon as any changes are detected. They can also creat versions of the files so that you can go back to older versions of a file.
  3. I have been testing Yadis! Backup and it is exactly what I was looking for. I change a file and save, and a minute later, it's been changed on the backup drive. Excellent - easy interface also.

    I also tested out Genie Timeline - Free Edition and it works great too.
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