Wired & Wireless together?

Just wondering, is it possible to run two pc's with a crossed lan network lead to play multi player games together, as well as both pc's running wireless cards connecting to a router for internet?

Just treated my daughter to a new pc & she's loving playing Unreal 2003.

I remember a couple of years back playing it with a wired lan & it was so much more fun when you know who it is your trying to frag, adds so much more fun to it.

But we wasn't connected wirelessly to the iternet then?

So can we run both wired & wireless together?

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  1. Yes you can connect.

    It does not matter how many network card your computer has or what types are them.

    Between the computers your connection can use a different subnet for wired LAN and the wireless can connect to ISP or just connect one to ISP on wifi and share the internet between wired LAN.

    As well if you have two wifi card for both computers they can connect to different ISP and connect each other as well.
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