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i just upgraded my computer to Vista Ultimate and i can't find these two drivers. the "motion eye cam" driver for my webcam and the "Mass media storage" driver which i imagine is for my card reader. any help would be greatly appreciated because it seems that sony doesn't support this laptop with that version of Vista.
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  1. Drivers are not specific to an edition of Windows Vista. pick Vista home premium, download the drivers you need, and install them on the laptop.
  2. +1^ the prophecy!

    You can download the Vista drivers from here
  3. That driver isn't working, if its not the new Vista version i don't know why
  4. You can force it to use that driver, instead of just letting the installer detect whether it's the proper device or not.

    I've had to do this with a few different devices in the past in order to get them working properly.

    This link will solve your webcam driver poblems!

    In short!
    Download RIDCAM-14074500-US.exe from SONY support site;
    - From a command line, executed "RIDCAM-14074500-US.exe /x ." to extract files from driver installer;
    ** If you try to install the driver from device manager, it will fail with a file not found message. I looked at system events to detect what file was missing and I realized there was an attempt to copy files from "English" folder: wich was missing from extracted files.
    - Create a folder named "English" at the place you extracted the files of driver installer, then copy all driver files into it. (Yes, double it!)
    - Go to the device manager and update your camera driver, pointing to the root driver path (that with the "English" subdir).

    Perhaps you have to change the "English" folder name to another acording to your language. Look at system events log to find out.
    The driver provided by Sony has support to x64 Vista, but the installer does not work correctly. Workaround...
  6. You have to install all the drivers available for Vista!
    It includes some memory stick patch in that page!
    Have you installed all the drivers from the link I provided!
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