Need help with acer aspire recovery

hello everyone,

I have a PC i need to restore for a friend and it is an acer aspire T180.

I am restoring using DVD's that the owner created and at the last step where it said to insert the 1st disk again it gave me an error. after the error it said the recovery was successful but when i reboot the screen will just sit at the cursor with the HDD activity light flashing rapidly and has been doing this for the past 10-15 minutes.

so guess what i am trying to find out is if this is normal behavior for the acer recovery process

thank you
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  1. No, it's not normal behaviour... you should quite obviously not get an error. I would suggest trying the process one more time and then if that still doesn't work, try and get an OEM XP CD.
  2. yea i kinda knew but never delt with these kinds of recovery disks before

  3. You probably could order a replacement set from Acer as well if you wanted the recovery media.
  4. As they were made by the PC owner it is possible that an error occurred when making the discs.

    Like Zoron said, try and get a set from ACER. If you can't do that, a fresh install might be your only option.
  5. well i took a shot and made a copy of the defective disks and the copy had no errors so i was finally able to boot into windows and install everything else. guess it was just the disk was too scratched.

    thanks again for all the help guys
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