My computer crashes when i plug in my flash drive

Help me I have a computer, designed for XP and i put vista on it.
Specs: 2.20 Ghz processor
1.93 Gb of RAM
128 MB graphics ram

I have an 8 GB ScanDisk cruzer, and whenever i plug it in my computer and use it, every 10-20 min. of usage, my computer crashes and i get the Blue Screen of death.
My computer is around 3 years of age.

And whenever i dont plug it in, my computer works just fine. I plugged my flash drive into my mom's laptop, and nothing happens. i can use it just fine.
Help!!!!! :( rader11[at] email me when u guys have an answer. please help
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  1. NO. Theres no viruses i scanned it with avg on my mom's laptop.
  2. Hi Newcomer and Welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Is that flash drive working fine with your mom's laptop?
    Have you tried inserting in some other USB ports?

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  3. If it is working fine with your mom's laptop means, copy all the data to her system,
    and format the flash drive & try again in your system!

    Have you tried any other flash drive in your system? If not , do it first!
    Are they working fine??
  4. i tried that. i even copied everything to her desktop, dl'ed avira,spyware doctor(not fake) bought AVG full and even downloaded avast! and all scanned it and found nothing. except that it found, something called ZOMBIE-PC/
    i removed it and it works fine now :D thanks though
  5. I have used all the anti-virus apps you spoke of and am currently using Microsoft Security Essentials. I must say that there has been some malware that other anti-virus apps let through. Please, download the free version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware from fillehippo This little free program is becoming the standaed for killing off those natsty forms of alware that other programs can't seem to touch or detect...gwb56
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