I am worried about hot zones

Since I have it apart, wanna do it right once.

Pics of case

I have modified the case to run 2 120mm fans as outtake fans, one at the top (blowhole) and one out the back (where the grill for the 80's was).

2 80mm Zalman fans, one in front and one at the side.

Going to run the 120's at full speed and the 80s either using the Zalman provided connector to slow it down or the fan connectors that came with my Antec Trio 650w

Have a ultra 120 extreme with a scyth sflex fan. The heat sink sits about 4inches from the 120mm outtake fan in the back. almost a push/pull thing. I can even mount the fan on the heatsink and probably get the same effect.

The fan from the PSU sits dead center and about 4 inches from the side of the heatsink.

Do you guys see any potential issues?

Way I see it, if I am running the blowhole fan at full speed, will draw the cool air up to the fan on the heatsink.

And yes, for $100 I can buy a new case, but where is the fun of that?
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  1. Quote:
    I would take a dremel or whatever you have availible and cut the fan grills out of the back. As long as you keep the front and side fans ans intakes and the rear and top as exhust then you will be all set.

    I have cut out the grill out of the back. Just havent done it for the front. Maybe I should since I got her apart.
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