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Quick question here. Is there any way to get Vista 64 bit Home Premium to recognize my new motherboard without reinstalling the operating system? You see, I have some things on my boot up drive that I'd like to back up before I do a clean install, but I need it to boot into Windows first. Currently, it makes it to the Windows start up screen, then flashes a blue screen too quick for me to read, then reboots, rinse and repeat. I've tried starting in safe mode and tried repairing. I can't do a copy over because I can't get into windows. Any one know how I could go about getting Windows to boot up so I can get the data. Yes, I know I could install the drives inot another computer and get at it that way, but I dont think I want to go through all that. Thanks in advance.

P.S. During safe mode boot, the system blue screens at crcdisk.sys every time before restarting, so that file seems to trigger it somehow.

EDIT: I noticed during Repair that my Internet connection was unplugged, which may have prevented it from downloading necessary drivers. I'm running it again with Eternet cable plugged in and will post on results.

RE-EDIT: The above-mentioned procediure didnt work, however, I managed to get into a command prompt and am currently backing up some files the old fashioned way. Not the most glamorous or efficient way to do it, but it works for my purposes. Thanks.
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  1. If you are really desperate and have possibly pictures or something simple you want to backup, just plug the hard drive into another computer copy/paste then once you have it finished you can save them back onto yours, kind of a pain but it works
  2. finally what you want for here..
    if you want to get data's from the Os corrupted box mean get an live Os cd using Google..
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