Newegg search lists "from 89.99" and then I can't buy it for that...??

So the Newegg chat proved useless I kept getting stupid copied responses about price matching and 'real-time' pricing...

Issue I'm having:

I search and see an item listed "from $XX.XX" price usually "from multiple sellers" but when I click the item, BAM the price goes up and I cannot find any seller including newegg with the initial search result listed price.

Example, searching for an SSD I do this search, see the top listing for a drive at $89.99:

Click it, and see the price go up to $119. What am I missing? Is this a possible future price? Bait and switch? :heink: :pfff:
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  1. clicked your link. none show up at $89.99 when i sort by price. the lowest was around $95.

    are you sure that the item you clicked does not have a $30 mail in rebate? the total price for the item would be $120 but will drop down to $90 when you get the rebate check. certain sections of the site may not reflect this rebate or instant rebates.
  2. From your Link the $89.99 price is for this unit -- ( ) -- $99.99 - $10 MIR making final price $89.99 thus the From $89.99 quote in the search result !!
  3. The link I posted has now changed, I think my messages to newegg made them fix an error. now their server is down...go figure!

    I'll try to find another example I didn't personally ask about to newegg. Maybe it was just in transition during price changes. JDFan that unit you linked looks different.

    Might just be a fluke but I saw it on a few items, I'll post again when their servers are up again.
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