Help finding outlook messages and contacts that were dumped

My husband's computer's fan was running incessantly, so I started Task Manager and ended several things that were eating up the CPU. I did not end anything critical. The fan stopped running and then Outlook would not open. I did the Microsoft "fix this" and it dumped all of his contacts, inbox, sent mail and very vital information.
How do I get all of this back? outlook.pst is not working, it will not open or recognize it. I am in big trouble. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!
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  1. Please specify what Microsoft "fix this" you did.
    Where did you get the "fix this" directions from?
  2. I used the Microsoft "FIX IT" page and hit the button for them to automatically fix outlook. It brought OUTLOOK back up, but with no emails, no contacts, totally cleaned out. How do I get back what I lost?
    This is where I found the fixit it tool.
  4. The one thing I can think of is to do a System Restore to a date/time prior to the application of the FIX IT.

    I don't suppose you have the Microsoft Backup function running?
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