two graphics cards?

Is it possible to use two graphics cards at once? Like one card in an agp slot and another on a pci slot?

plz help
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  1. Yes, but they cant be working together. They would need seperate monitors.
  2. it is possible, but not in that said configuration. you can run as many as you want as long as you have room for them, however they won't actually all be combined to work as one. you can however get a specially designed motherboard that supports technologies such as sli and crossfire which are built to have multiple GPUs
  3. Why? Better frame rates? No. Two monitors? Yes. One monitor with two inputs? Possibly, but.... I'd not like your chances.
  4. I agree with all the above posts. If you have an agp slot and a pci slot, you will want to use the apg slot for a graphics card. Unless of course, it is a pci express slot. Because then you would want to use that one for a single graphics card. Hope this helps..
  5. YES, if you can find two Voodoo 2's or 3's one in either flavour and then dig up some really old drivers from the interwibble, also a vga connector lead would be required, I used the one from my 4MB Orchid 3DFX accelarator card but you might find those a little hard to find these days.

    More to the point, why would you want to run a pci & an agp card together?
  6. I actually would like to use 2 cards for:
    1. my standard two monitors with a wide devided desktop;
    2. my wacom display-tablet to cover the whole desktop also on this monitor (Cintiq).

    But I still wonder if this will work, concerning resolution and working area for the tablet/monitor.

    Thanks for dvise.

    Maarten (NL)
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