I purchase a new mobo while my other one is getting fixed (warranty) since i installed the new mobo i've got jagged edges (stairsteps like lines) problem, i downloaded all the latest drivers from nvidia website and tryed differant resolutions played with settings still cant fix the jagged edges this might be a dumb question but the mobo i had was a nforce 590 the new one is a nforce4 could this be the reason maybe nforce4 has less performance ?

If anyone could help that would be much appreciated.

amd 4600 dual core
8800gts 320mb
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  1. turn on AA+AF (i think thats what you meant?) or set to a slightly higher refresh rate.
  2. Hi rammedstein

    I tryed AA-AF at differant settings 4x 8x 16x increase refresh rate from 60-
    70 picture quality was bettter but still had problem with jagged edges.

    thanks for your help
  3. What resolution display? Uninstall video driver and use ccleaner to remove remains, then reinstall latest driver. Check Device Manager. Have you loaded Nforce4 drtvers? May need Repair Install due to different motherboard.

  4. Hi Mike

    The resolution is 1280x1024 on games or 1024x768 standard 19'lcd 8ms

    Where do I find and how do I use ccleaner to remove driver remains maybe this could be the problem.

  5. google :mrgreen:
  6. Google 'ccleaner download' If you have your desktop at 1024x768 that is NOT native resolution, and will give 'Jaggies' If you go to Display Properties - Appearance tab, Effects button. Second feature down gives 2 options to smooth edges of screen fonts.

  7. Hi
    I changed my native resolution to 1280x1024 went the smooth edges option in display properties click on cleartype option i used ccleaner and updated drivers again and i still have 'jaggies edges' lol

    I'm thinking there could be a problem with my card maybe ?

    anymore idea's would be appreciated thanks
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