Laptop screen doesn't work in vista 64x

Hi i would like some help!!!!!

my laptop screen stops working when login to windows (when in normal boot mode). So when i boot in safe mode it does work!

also i don't know when it stop working in vista since i normally always work with my tv, you see and rarely switch back to my laptop screen.

so what i have tried so far:
reinstalled the VGA drivers
checked with search & destroy, ad-aware and comodo virus scanner.
updated everything
let windows repair it-self
did a system restore to a earlier date but the only one i had was from 4 days before i noticed the problem(so not very useful :cry: )
cleaned out my start up programs
also did a Cclean of my browsers and reg
also uninstalled some programs i didn't use or didn't know why they were on it anyway :heink: .

intel core 2 duo t7500
intel 965m chip
4gb ram
vista 64x ultimate
if you want more specs ask...

so can some help me out please, i have ran out off idea's what to do about it.... :pt1cable:
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  1. The next time you have it rigged to your TV, try hitting fn+f5 and see if it will switch back to the laptop screen. Seems as if it is stuck on external display.
  2. i wish it was that simple.
    although fn + f5 is for me the brightnes of the screen
    fn+ f3 does the switching between screens for me

    anyways when i do this it says "unable to apply this display setting now".

    i think my problem lies in my register, and it apply's these settings before logging in to windows.
    because at the moment the login screen shows up i can't switch back anymore to my laptop screen. i tried pulling out the hdmi cable out of my laptop. also when its not even connected it still will turn of my laptop screen and send the signal over hdmi.
  3. problem solved

    we just had a cutoff of power so my laptop had to verify stuff and i plugged in my battery. and guess what, when finally booted in windows i saw that the screen flickered once for checking all the monitors. and there it was in my screen settings! laptop screen returned.

    i don't know what was wrong or if the battery had any effect in this play.

    but problem solved!!!!!!
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