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My browsers freeze when I click on links and my programs freeze up if I click options. I do not have spyware or trojans or viruses and I thin I know what I need. I have five terabytes on my computer's hard drive and only 8 gbs of RAM. Do I need to replace the RAM. Is it expensive?
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  1. No you do not need more ram! When was the last time you defragmented your drives?
  2. Oh shoot! I just bought 16 GBs RAM! I defragmented just this week. ALL the drives. It took all day. I will say that when I added the three terabytes of drives on the computer it plunged to a crawl. The system resources say it is at 26% and Windows System, Norton, anything take all the power. C Drive I keep basically empty so I do not understand. It is frustrating. However, I thought I should balance the amount of drives with RAM a bit more. My computer store said that eight was just adequate for three TBs and now I have six not five, sorry. What do you think?
  3. By the way, even tough my computer was just examined with a fine tooth comb by well qualified techs it still is scanned saying it is a Windows XP when it is a pristine Windows 7, 64 bits.
  4. Well the ram has nothing to do with storage space (salesmen)! Ram is for running processes, programs and applications. I see Norton in your post it is a known system hog. Please list all your system specs and drive inclusive of raid setups.
  5. Well, I did know vaguely about RAM but I have a huge lot of programs and applications I use. You are so right about Norton!
    I am afraid I do not know how to list the information or where it is.
    However, I ended up panicking and taking the computer in (and having them hold the check)(nice guys) anyhow, a program was installed in a drive other than C drive and there were other strange things.
    It is working nicely and I backed up with Acronis to get a good shot of the system. Maybe, I can use that to send you a log?
    Sorry I am exhausted and have a migraine.
  6. The fact that you said you have no viruses/trojans etc but are running Nortan alone means you are wrong.

    Norton is a horrible AV tool and lets tons through.

    You need to scan with something thats a good AV program.
  7. Here is the sad tale: I also run Malwarebytes as Norton does let things through. I had bought Acronis and it trashed everything. Lost a hard drive too. I still feel paranoid about the computer. I cleaned it up and removed excess programs that might clash with each other. I took the computer in and they worked on in for a very long time. Nice guys, honest and smart. They had the devil of a time removing Acronis. I did a clean uninstall and it wouldn't go. They had to go through the system and find where it hid. Still, lost my hard drive. Nasty.
  8. That seems very difficult to find: a good AV. Plus, I spent a lot on Norton, drat it. I liked a program, I am sorry I forgot the name, but Norton bought and closed it.
  9. Thanks! I need a powerful one as I do a lot with my computer. I also have a security suite with firewall and anti-virus mixed. It is a pain. Sucks up the resources too!
    I liked Avast and used it when I used Sygate.
  10. It still freezes. I have no idea why. It doesn't do it often but it does do it when I am taking a test online. IE doesn't do it as much as Mozilla.
  11. Oh, I forgot. I have taken the computer into the shop where they could not recreate the problem.
  12. Chrome suggests clearing the cache on all browsers. I have done that to mine today as mine which is xp has just started to exactly the same thing recently.

    Why I have no idea. I have cleaned the registry, virus scanned, spyware/malware scanned, defragged and optimized hard drives and still it does it.

    Hopefully this has fixed it.

    Regards, M
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