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Let's say that I have a $800 gift card and it covers all the parts that I need from

I want to know how is the check-out like if I need to go through paypal or something like that.
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  1. a rather obtuse statement. do you mean....

    you will have a gift card to use but wish to pay the amount in excess of this with paypal or credit card?


    you wish to buy a newegg gift card with paypal or credit card and use this to purchase parts or give to another person as a gift to purchase parts?

    i havent bought anything from them for a few years but as long as your name matches the one on your card and your billing and shipping addresses are the same you shouldnt have any issues. i've heard of problems when information is different.

    i've always used my card when purchasing my items. i've never used paypal with them. at least when i ordered they used their own credit card processing and not an external vendor like paypal.
  2. I don't live in US actually but I got a courier that sends me the items that I purchase on the internet to my country so what I'm trying to know if, let's say, you got gifted a giftcard from newegg and you want to buy a few parts. What if the billing address and the shipping address are not the same but YOU want to checkout with the giftcard?
  3. i think that the rule about matching billing and shipping addresses applies mostly to credit cards since there is frequent fraud. if you used a gift card you might be exempt but i would suggest talking with newegg customer service first.
  4. IIRC they merely send you an E-mail with the Gift card to your E-mail address that includes the redemption authorization code and you just enter the card number and security code in at the time of purchase -- so you should be able to ship it to any address (since when buying a gift card they do not ask the purchaser for the address of the person they are buying the gift card for just an E-mail address and name ) -- Note it has been over a year since I used a gift card purchase so not positive on this. -- So you should be able to create a new newegg account using that E-mail address and the shipping address you want it shipped to when placing the order and redeem the gift card for the purchase. But you will still need a US based credit card to purchase the gift card or they may not approve the purchase. (not sure if they will accept a card that was issued outside the US for purchasing gift cards)
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