Replacement antenna for Actiontec M1424WR ?

I have Verizon FIOS using the supplied Actiontec M1424WR wireless router. I'm not getting the range I did with my old Linksys router. Anyone know of a good replacement antenna for the Actiontec M1424WR that would boost my range?
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  1. There are many such antennas on offer on e-bay. You'll need to know which standard antenna fitment your router uses (see manual).

    Note, that while some antennas may offer an improvement, the biggest difference comes from having the computer (or wireless adapter antenna) and router's antenna at the correct angle or in the right position.

    Raising the router above furniture level often improves reception.

    Potentially some antennas will not offer the optimum load on your router's transmitter circuitry and could (maybe) damage the router.
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