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I have both AVG and avast, and also Malwarebytes antimalware. My lapttop is about 3 years old and it is not slower than dirt. Is it due to the multiple programs? If I delete either AVG or avast, do I still need an antimalware program as well?
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  1. Yes just choose one Antivirus.
    Two antivirus programs conflict with each other.
    Malwarebytes will not interfere with either.
    And is invaluable for safemode scans.
  2. My vote is for Avast. It is a bit lighter on resources, and does very well on blocking threats.
  3. I used Avast for 5+ years so yeah it's very good.
    However i've switched to MSE and have no regrets.
    Better then AVG and Avast imo.
  4. Take a look at the malware guide in my signature. It has links for some of the best AV's.
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. AVG has really fallen down in the past few years. They don't keep up to date and pester you to buy their full version.

    I like Avasts boot time scan but its only for 32bit so if you have or go 64bit its pointless.

    My fave combo is MSE + Malwarebytes + SAS. Never gotten a virus. Ever.
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