Suggestions for building e6600 gaming system

I am looking to build a system w/e6600.
This system will be used for gaming. I would like to install 4gb of RAM

Suggestions for:

1) Best motherboard w/compatable RAM (600 dollar budget).

2) Single video card or dual video card (400 dollar budget).

3) Best power supply. Must have modular cable and support for 8 pin card (200 dollar budget)

I'm sure someone has built a stable gaming computer and can help me out with exact model numbers, timing etc. I don't want to make mistakes with this kind of money.

Thank you for your time,

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  1. mobo: ASUS P5K WiFi (if you want wifi you can choose this one and if you dont want WiFi you can choose the normal one like:
    gigabyte p35c-ds3r.
    and for Gfx card you can choose:
    evga 8800gts 640mb.
    You can choose this ram:

    you can ask somebody else about ram question because i don't know much about ram
  2. I'd redirect some of that Mobo/RAM budget into a better video card, but under the requirements set, I'd definately go for a 8800GTS 640 for a GPU.
  3. Seconded. Get 2 GB of RAM and an 8800 GTX. You can always add more RAM if you need it, and prices will keep dropping.
  4. Agree!

    Consider going the 8800GTX route, go short on the RAM, figuring you are not running 64Bit Vista, and focus on the video card, you can also buy more ram later and, if you want to go duel on the graphic card you already have a nice base with the 8800GTX.
  5. Agreed, mostly. Get 2 Gb Ram, but don't spend more than $100 on fast Ram, that money is better spent elsewhere.
    Toms Hardware exposes high end memory as a waste of money here:

    And you can get 2Gb of good dual channel Ram for $80 here:

    I'm pleased with the nVidia 680i chipset, and you'll have the ability to upgrade to SLI later. Don't go SLI now, as it isn't yet cost effective. Spend your cash on the best single 8800 you can afford. Or better yet, hold out til Christmas for the 9800 GTX. :-) The games that require a new round of horsepower (like Crysis) aren't out yet. So hold out as long as you can, and you'll get more for your money.
  6. We might get a new card from nVidia even earlier than Christmas. :P

    Their VP of Investor Relations said they will have a new high-end card each fall from now on. That was in an interview a couple of weeks ago.

    On the other hand, the OP seems to have the money for an 8800 GTX, but not much more. Nobody knows what the 9800 (or 8900, whatever) will cost in the first weeks, it might be a lot. It would kinda stink to wait 6 months and then get the 8800 GTX anyway. Also, nVidia has this nasty habit of not dropping prices when the new model arrives - the old model just disappears. I really don't know what the best solution is here...

    OP: if you can, wait until the end of July for the Intel price cuts. With a little luck we'll know more about nVidia's plans by then.
  7. Just an opinion, and something I failed to point out, if you go the 8800GTX route suggest going with the 831 and not the 881, IMO it is not worth the additional cost, as of today, for the additional clock speed.
  8. If you want to run dual video cards I would go with the EVGA A1 Motherboard. It will let you run dual video cards in 16x.

    Motherboard: EVGA T1
    CPU: E6600 L646G494 @ 3.7Ghz. 1:1 Ratio Linked & Synced Voltage 1.44 Load Temp 45c
    Idle Temp. 25c
    SPP:1.45volts, MCP: 1.50volts
    Memory: Mushkin PC2 8000 4-5-4-11, 2T Voltage 2.1
    Swiftech Water Cooling H20-220
    Video: One EVGA 8800GTS 320MB
    Power Supply: Silverstone 750W
    OS: XP Pro
  9. I just built the system in my signature last week. Everything worked together without a problem. I just needed to manually set the RAM timing in the bios to 4-4-4-12. I would recommend this set-up to anyone.

    P.S. The power supply was free, so I don't know a whole lot about it.
  10. Wow! I thought this would be easier!

    Ok I will cut the ram back. Seems logical.

    Anyone else have good luck with the EVGA mobo?

    Thinking this so far: Mobo asus P5N32 E here:

    Videocard evga 640 P2 N281 here:

    Memory here seems like a good deal :

    I will continue to do research!

  11. Assuming you are saving money by lowering your ram recommend this video card, you can run SLI with two in the future should you plan to upgrade.
  12. Sweet!!!

    OP: If you decide to get the GTX make sure you get a case that has enough room and a PSU that has enough amperage. We've had several threads on this already, you can search them or just ask here.

    What's your screen resolution? You'll be just fine with the GTS at 1280x1024 for example.
  13. I am only going to run 1600x1200.

    As far as the GTX, I would love it but it is a little too expensive.
    With the 640mb GTS to start and add another later seems a better approach.

    STILL researching! I thought getting the cash together and convincing my wife was going to be the hard part!

    EDIT: Anyone comment on this board. GIGABYTE GA-P35-DQ6 LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard. Plenty of room for my audigy PCI card and PCI tv tuner card.

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