Should I switch to Vista?

My PC has an upgrade from XP (my current OS) to Vista in it. Should I use it? I used Vista two years ago and it was awful, is it any better now?

I have a Pentium Dual Core E5300 Processor (2.6GHz) and 2GB of RAM.
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  1. You can go with vista. But try to install Latest service pack!
    Service pack 2!
    This tutorial may help you!
  2. just make sure all your hardware has Vista drivers

    that was the main issue when Vista came out, was poor driver support
  3. If you are a gamer, you may want to add more ram to that also. 4Gig would work, I have 6Gigs on my Vista machine.
  4. 4 GB is the [practical] minimum if you have an x64 OS.
    Anything more than that is subject to the law of diminishing returns
  5. Or you could skip Vista entirely and go with Windows 7....
  6. Win 7 is more stable & providing rock solid performance when compared to Vista!

    If you are going to upgrade freely means, try to get Win 7 instead of vista!
    If not possible means to go to Vista!

    If you are going to buy upgrade edition of Vista means, blindly skip & go directly go to Win 7! You will be really happy for skipping Vista! Trust me! :)

    All the best!
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