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I just bought a D-Link DI 704UP router. I never used a router before. I want one so that I can connect my pc and xbox on the same adsl modem connection. I fallowed the instruction, my pc and xbox are connected to the router but then after I can't even go online to surf the net.

1.So do I need to configure my firewall? I have norton personel firewall 2003. How do I configure it??? I'm on windows xp and my xp firewall is disabled.

2. How can I tetermine if my ISP uses PPPoE or something else? I have a username a password. So does that mean it's PPPoE?

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  1. And what do I need to do under DHCP. I don't understand the manual.
  2. And when I hook up the router and reboot. The start up is slow and it takes a long time for my NIC to be detected. Does anyone know why???
  3. I went in IE and went to this address: I clicked on the "WAN" tab and I filled the info.(I don't remember and I can't go back because I'm not connected to the router.)

    Then in "control panel" I went in "properties" for "internet protocol" filled the info, still I can't go online to surf the net. My router is properly hooked up.

    This is all from the manual. And it doesn't say what else to do. So can someone please help me?

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  4. you have to insert the PPPoE username and password into the router config. Then it should work.

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