Can I plug a wireless router into a wired router?

Hi I was wondering if I can plug a wireless router into my wired router and have both of them work? If yes, then how? The auto-install on the drivers CD asks me what my setup will be, and when I input what I want it won't go further, and says to check online for advanced setup...but I can't find it online.
I need to hook it up because my dad refuses to switch our house to all wireless internet for whatever reason, and I need to get my Wii and DS online. I had a USB dongle to connect them to the internet, but then I upgraded my computer to Vista and it all went to poop.
I just bought the router and it's okay according to the Nintendo pre-approved routers list. The router is a Netgear Wireless-G Router WGR614. I don't want to break the internet at our house cause then I would be in a lot of trouble lol. Soooooo how can I set up this arrangement?
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  1. Yes you can but there is no auto configure that will do it for you. First leave the currently working wired router alone and don't touch the settings. Now open up a command line on one of your computers wired in and run ipconfig/all write down the gateway address. The should be the ip for your router. Next plug in your wireless router and connect only the lan cable to a computer and do the same thing to get the ip for that router. Next pull up a web browser and type in the IP address of your router (I'm assuming your router runs a web based configurator haven't seen one that doesn't except apple). Now login into your router (it should list the defaults login somewhere). Now set the lan IP address of the wireless router to be one higher than wired router for example if wired is then set to Next shut off the DHCP server. Make sure you set up wireless encryption and your done. Now connect the lan port from wired to the lan port of the wireless (the WAN would make a separate network and require a different IP range usually). Congratulation your just turned your wireless router into a wireless access point with a switch. The set up created one giant network with the wired router controlling the DHCP server ect.
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