Would i know if my card was under powered

Im running a x1650xt on a 400watt supply and havent had a problem as such was just wondering if this card is capable of throttling itself down if it was under powered.
Would this be a prob if it was and how would i know.
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  1. Please post some information on your power supply and the good folk here will be able to disect the issue better.
  2. Its a generic supply with
    +12 18
    +5 40
    3.3 28

    -5 0.5
    -12 0.5
    +5v/sb 1.5a
  3. Don't think it's under powered, but I learned a lesson about cheap powersupplies a week ago, when mine blew and took the motherboard with it.
  4. From what I read in the numbers, it looks like the PSU has plenty of power, but that is also determined buy the pull of the rest of your system, and how good the power supply Really is.
  5. There's no 'throttling' of power. If you didn't have enough power, you'd experience random restarts and crashes, or possibly other weird behavior.
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