Burning System Recovery Disks on Already Infected Machine???

Heres the question, if the system is already infected, what is the risk of burning the recovery disks and then using them to reload the system?

Can anyone clear this up for me 100%?

I have searched for a good while on the net and not found anything concrete.

Thank you!
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  1. If a system is infected with a virus or other malware there is a clear risk in using it to produce recovery disks. Depending upon the virus, and the source of the programs that it places on the recovery disk, you may well be just propogating the virus. And, unless you know exactly how your system is infected, you'll never know how real that risk is.

    It only makes sense to produce recovery disks from a known clean system.
  2. Hi Newcomer and Welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    If you are making a recovery disk from an infected system means that the chances of the recovery disk being infected are more.

    If some of the systems files are infected means, no point in burning that recovery disc.

    It is a kind of useless to do like that!
    If you are having an Valid license of Vista means you should have Vista OS disc or if you bought Branded systems means it'll have recovery disc as defaults.

    I would say a strong NO to create recovery disc from the system that is already infected.
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