For the past several months I have been getting error messages when I use 2 programs----
when I open Internet Explorer (6), after about 1 minute I get message that it's stopped working, needs to close....I click to close---another box immediately pops up with same message, stopped working, needs to close.....maybe 3-4 times, then it closes......Error message is APPCRASH: MSHTML.DLL

For last month or so whenever I try and open my Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, it either stalls upon opening (going gray), or I immediately get the same error message as above----Program has stopped working, needs to close---

I cannot help but feel that these two error messages are connected in some way, as they happened around the same time.....??
with the PSP---I uninstalled, used CC Cleaner to clean up registry, reinstalled, but still get same error message.....?
I have used AVG virus scans, malware scans, etc. to check my computer for virus, but have come up with nothing.....?
My computer guy is stumped......Anyone PLEASE help.....?
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  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories and right-click
    on the Command Prompt
    and choose "Run as administrator".
    Type in: SFC /SCANNOW and press your Enter key.

    This procedure will scan Vista's protected system files
    and attempt to repair or replace missing or corrupt files.
  2. I tried that and it scanned, came up with no corrupt files, everything okay....
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