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Do you know any software (freeware if possible, otherwise, it is ok), that could let me repair pdf files?
I just tried
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
and it works pretty well.
However I tried with Advanced pdf repair v2.0 and it does not work because it does not repair the pdf file, it just returns blank pdf files as output and when I open them they are just blank documents.

Could you please tell me any other (not online) application which could be run in batch mode and is reliable to recover this pdf files?

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    Keep in mind that you can't expect mirracles, if the file is too messed up, nothing will recover it.
  2. Hey Michael :hello: :hello:
    Thanks chum. Last week I used PDF Repair tool which suggested. It was awesome and I'm very happy that I got my all pics from my corrupt PDF files. I just wanna thank you. I don't care whether you work for it or not. You helped me so I' really grateful to you.
    Christopher S. :) :)
  3. I don't think there are tools that could do the job to repair pdf files.
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