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I currently have an X-Fi XtremeMusic, but I'm really considering getting a Razer Barracuda card that is specifically made for gaming. I want to replace the XtremeMusic because I do not like having 7 different processes running, and it likes to uninstall itself from my system at random times(Running Windows XP).

Thoughts on which card you like better? Barracuda vs XtremeMusic

Note: If I don't get the Barracuda, I'm considering upgrading to a better X-Fi card, so if you know much about this subject, please take that into account.

Edit: I didn't make it clear before, but this card will be used specifically for gaming. FPS gaming only(CS:S, HL2, BF2142, BF2, COD2, and others) and I'm willing to spend up to $200(U.S) on a card.

So the basic question is, which of the two do you like better? And if you like another card better then BOTH, which is it?

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. Bump? :cry:
  2. The Razer card works best if you also buy the Razer headphones. Together they can be expensive. If I were you I'd rather try to figure out what's wrong with the X-Fi. Do you have the latest drivers, for example?
  3. Yes I do. But which card do you think has an advantage over the other? Or would you consider them equal?

    I'm currently using these headphones:

  4. The Razer is better, but not that much better. Take this with a grain of salt, I haven't actually tried a Razer myself. I just read a review some weeks ago.

    There's also an Auzentech model based on X-Fi but with better components and drivers, or at least that's what they were promising. Don't know if it has been released yet.
  5. I had this same problem, but i was upgrading from the asus crosshair on board sound.
    Bought the razer and paired it with logitech Z-5500's with the optical cables.
    would never look back and loving it.

    gaming is unbelievable, and music sounds great 2 after a little tuning.

    would highly recommend it
  6. I too am a happy owner of a Razor Barracuda and love the sound quality that it produces.

    With my 2.1 digital speaker system I was able to take full advantage of their digital out. I am not a hardcore 3D FPS type of gamer, so any loss of a couple of FPS that the Razor apparently causes is no hardship for me.

    I cannot compare them with the X-FI soundwise, as I avoided the X-FI like the plauge due to their well documented compatibility issues with my motherboard chipset. In short, I didn't want to take a chance with a sound card that my not play nice with my existing hardware.

    I was resigned to using onboard sound until Razor released the Barracuda.

    Oh, and no bloatware to deal with or a gazillion processes (slight exageration :lol: ) running in the background.

    All in all, I am happy with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a Creative replacement of equal or superior quality.
  7. if you use surround sound and need EAX, you have no choice. If you don't have a surround sound setup, then it doesn't matter what you use, use onboard. it doesn't matter whatsoever.
  8. Xtreme musics are not designed for gaming what so ever.
  9. I was curious about a similar question. I have an X-Fi XtremeGamer and it performs great. However, for my next build I was thinking of getting that Razer soundcard because I have the Razer headset and it's amazing. Hopefully someone that has had both an X-Fi and Razer can provide some input.
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