TH's homepage feature column in ie9RC unavailable

feature column in tomshardware homepage is not showing anything when open using internet explorer 9RC.the loading circle just keep spinning this a common problem?..
another small note..why the heck does firefox 4 beta install keeps reverting itself back to 3.6 after a few hour of not using. the computer wasn't even shut down at any time.
and,having prob with youtube in chrome.the seek bar does not work properly..doesn't anyone wonder that it seems to try to open every available website on the had to have every browser install.duhhh....or is it just me..
everything in windows 7homepremiun
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  1. I haave no problems with THG on IE9 RC. Maybe reinstall?

    As for FF4, it installs it seperatley from FF 3.6 since its beta.. You have both. Make sure you click the FF 4 icon.
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