3 different BSODs

I am working on my friends laptop which keeps throwing up the following 3 different BSOD's.


It had about 14 viruses and tons of spyware which I have cleaned off. I have run diskcheck, defrag, ccleaner, etc.... but I am still getting these blue screens.
Computer is running great now except for the blue screens.

Everything looks good in device manager as well.
Any suggestions? I could reformat and reinstall windows but that would be the easy way out :pt1cable:

P.S. Toshiba sattelite L305D-S5897 running Vista home premium 64 with 4 gigs of ram.
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  1. Most of your system files & device drivers seems to be damaged!
    Try reinstalling all the device drivers once again & try !
    If still problem exists,To be on safer side,As you suggested, go for reformat & reinstall! You will be surely out of problems directly!
  2. Ran spinrite on the drive and it was showing 3 bad unrecoverable sectors. Got a new drive and copied image of old drive to new one and still got the BSODs. So apparently the 3 bad sectors OBVIOUSLY had critical data in order for windows to operate. Reinstalled windows and all is fine now.
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