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I just bought a Linkysys Wireless G router 2.4ghz.I ran the cd and followed all the instructions it told me to do and did all of the them.I got all the way to the end and it started to connect then popped up up and said power off your modem and try again. I did this a few times still nothing.Im not sure what else to do.The modem im using is verizon dsl modem.Im trying to run it wireless to my desktop upstairs. Just tryed it again and got it hooked up and got to the part where yout type admin and all that but stil dont know what to do.After i got there and closed that out i still cant connect to the internet on my main computer. If you know please tell me and dont read it and not reply.

Thank You
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  1. I remember you... lol

    Anyways, unplug the power on both the modem and the router. Wait at least 1 minute and then plug the modem ONLY back in. Wait for the ready / dsl light to stay solid (or whatever indicator the modem has to show that you have a connection). After the modem is ready, plug the router back in and wait a few seconds while it grabs the settings off the modem.

    After 30seconds or so, any computer physically connected should start to get an IP address from the router. Try to go to a webpage like and see if it connects. If not, try this:
    Go to 'Start'
    Click 'Run' or type in "Run" minus the quotes in the search bar
    In the run prompt type "cmd" and hit enter
    In the command prompt type "ipconfig /release"
    Wait for this to finish - it should say something like "IP Address:"
    Now type "ipconfig /renew"
    Wait for this to finish and you should get a bunch of text displaying your new settings.
    Now try connecting to a website again.

    Post a reply if this doesn't work.
  2. no it still didnt work i couldnt get on no webpages
  3. Try resetting the router to the factory defaults, there should be a button on the back of the router possibly reset, unplug the modem and turn off the computers. Be sure to have the default login name and password. Disconnect everything and start from scratch. Follow the directions on the CD that came with the router. Keep the wireless computer turned off. Once you have everything connected run the Network Connection Wizard on the hardwired computer. Once you get an internet connection on the hardwired computer run the Wireless Connection Wizard on the one you're connecting wirelessly. Be sure to allows file and print sharing as well as letting other modify files unless you have a very good reason not to. About 6 months ago I set up a network for my daughter with a DSL modem and a pain compared to cable. Near the end of the setup I had to enter the DSL password not a network password that had me stuck for a while
  4. ive got it fixed i got my step dad to call verizon
  5. Congrats, what was it?
  6. Quote:
    Congrats, what was it?

    Human error!

    Just messing with you. :p
  7. I wonder if Verizon forgot to add the MAC address from the DSL router ....;>)
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