slow pc on s.t.a.l.k.e.r

Hi,there i recently got vista ultimate and installed it running with no probs i also got stalker shodow of chernobyl the game is very sluggish i have installed newest nvidia vista drivers do i need more memorry or try overclock ? system specs as follows...

Intel Core2Duo E6300 stock
Gigabyte DS 3 rev 2
1GB single Channel Kingston HyperX DDR 2 (KHX6000D2/1G 1GB DDR2 750MHz Non-ECC CL4 4-4-4-12 1.9V )
XFX Geforce 7900GT 256 MB

all running at stock ? do i need dual channel mem?

thanks for da help..
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  1. obvious problem I see is ram
  2. STALKER is a very demanding game that stresses most systems to the max. To run STALKER smoothly at reasonably high settings I would reccomend upgrading the Ram to 2GB and possibly upgrading the graphics card.
  3. I had a similar problem with D&D online - my new graphics card turned out to be overheating and causing artifacts and lag issues. The way i determined it was the Graphics card was to UNDER Clock it and the issues went away. I then RMA'd the card.

    Its just an idea you might want to test out.

  4. I have heard of problems with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and VISTA. If you have not already, try the latest patch (1.003 I believe).

    Also, 2 GB wouldn't hurt - everything else looks good!
  5. although i do not know how demanding the game is i know that Vista can (and probably will) suck up over 1gb of ram all on its own. getting another 1gb stick will definitely help out. the graphics card is not the best but it should do fairly well, depending on what resolution and what features you like to play with.
  6. Problems...
    1.) Vista
    2.) Ram
    3.) Video card

    Even with my sig sys, stalker kicks it in the balls sometimes, more cos its a badly programmed game, but still...

    Get an extra gig of ramz if u can.. with 2Gb it WILL use 80-90% of it.
    After that... install XP
    After that... get an 8800
  7. I'm gonna agree with pretty much everyone else here and say that 2GB of RAM makes the biggest overall contribution to speeding up and smoothing out stalker. Luckily, it's pretty darn cheap right now. Get another gig.
  8. you should think about at the very least adding another gig maybe 2. a gig was barely enough for the more efficient xp so vista will need that much more. if possible you should get a 2x1gb kit to increase ur memory to 3 gigs. that should speed it up some as your computer will no longer be paging to your hard drive.
  9. i have a e4300 running at almost 3.0 ghz. 2 gigs of ram running at 800mhz and a 8800gts 320 mb stock running on 19 inch monitor. And inless i have the game running on medium or lower then medium. The game runs at like 5 fps. but when i put it below medium. it runs perfect. It could be vista. Also when i was about 3 hours into the game. next time i started it up. It didnt work. I saw my gun and stuff but not backrounds ground or anything. Its weird and never playied it again. Vista just isent good for games. I havent checked drivers in awhile.
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