Dwm.exe faile to initialise (0xc0000022)

Hello, recently I've had an error on my laptop that effectively makes it useless unless I use it in safe mode.
My laptop will load properly and reach the Vista login screen fine, but after I type in my password I get the error: 'Dwm.exe failed to initialise (0xc0000022) and if I click OK another error pops up saying that explorer also fails. Then my screen is blacked out, and feeble attempts at trying to access task manager provides: taskmgr.exe failed to initialise properly.
I've been told to do a system restore, but for whatever reason I don;t have any restore points although I'm pretty sure I used to have several.
Please help, you will literally make my year! Thanks.
P.S I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium.
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  1. If you can boot into Safe mode only, that is usually an indication of a bad driver.

    My first suggestion would be to replace the Video driver.
    Recommend you first download/install/run Driver Sweeper ...
    to remove the Video driver.
    Reboot to see if you can now boot up normally.

    If you can, then recommend downloading a new Video driver from the video card's manufacturer.
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