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Alright boys, this will be my second machine I am making. I do my reading, I do my research as best I can, I take it slow, I try to keep up-to-date with the hardware news.

The first machine I made was a socket 939 3800+ Venice, and I find I quite like AMD.

I realize that Intel is technically ahead of AMD right now (I say technically due to the multitude of verying opinions on the subject) and I do have a component list for an intel-based system all set up and ready for purchase after july 22nd.

However, just for kicks, I decided I would make one for an AMD-based machine as well. As I said, I find that I quite like AMD, so I thought I would explore the option.

AMD will be coming up with their socket AM2+ or their AM3 as well as phenom and all their other technologies in the next two years, so I would like to make an investment in their future. And if I read correctly, their newer chips would be backwards compatible. Don't quote me on that. I assume you all know better than I.

I am having trouble however, finding a mobo for the am2 socket that I like.

Essentially, I want something that will support full 32x SLI mode for GPUs. so thats two PCIe working at full 16x strength each. also, if possible, I would want something that supports DD2-8500 RAM as well.

Reviews of ASUS boards from newegg make me REALLY nervous, and I do look at the star level, then read what the person has said to see what their technical knowledge level is, what their complaint is specifically. So, I don't just go by the star level or the percentage level.

So, if there is anything out there aside from ASUS, please recommend. OR convince me my fear of ASUS motherboards is completely unfounded ;)
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  1. I've had good luck with both Biostar and Gigabyte boards for AMD lately. I personally don't buy Asus, and that would do with a lot of fried parts I've seen. But others swear by them - so I'll leave that up to you.
  2. There is the extreme choice a ASUS L1N64-SLI/WS with room for two CPUs and 4 PCI Express x16 lanes, but I wouldn't recommend it :lol:

    About ASUS my guess is the bad reviews comes from the fact that it's the motherboard company that everyone knows and as such is one of the most sold brands(if not the most), so naturally the higher sale gives more complains. Sadly only few take the time to give good scores if everything works.

    Back to the SLi on PCI Express x16 lanes nVidia offers the following chipsets
    nVidia nForce 570 SLI
    nVidia nForce 590 SLI

    If you're interested in Crossfire on PCI Express x16 lanes AMD offers it on the Crossfire™ Xpress 3200 chipset AKA the AMD 580X CrossFire Chipset.

    I bought a MSI K9A Platinum last summer and it have worked flawlessly for me, but if you doesn't want those PCI Express x16 lanes to be Crossfire it's not the choice for you.

    Still I hope I helped just a little showing which chipsets to look for.
  3. My favorite brand (for AMD CPU's) is Abit. Best OC capabilities, best BIOS, and best stability. Fatality AN9 32x have everything you need, so my advice is to buy it.
    I would not recommend ASUS, beacouse one following reason. They "was" best MBO manufacturer before they stick their noses everywhere. You can't produce MBO's, VGA's, Sound Cards, RAM's, ... and be good in all that. If you look what happend to SONY, you'll see what happend to "greedy one". I work in electronical and computer shop, so i can tell you what is my experience with theese brands. I sold 10 ASUS MBO's, and 4-5 are comming back in few months, beacouse they don't work. That happend also with SONY. Maybe ASUS have diferent products for EUROPE and for USA. I dont know that, but i'm disappoint in them. I dont have any problems with abit, and what i wrote up there is really true. You will see what you can adjust in BIOS, and you'll be happy, i assure you.
    Sorry for my english
  4. You could look at these 2 mobo's below.

    1] DFI LANPARTY UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP ATX $159.99

    Plus here is the recomended ram list if OC'ing link for above board.

    2] EVGA 122-M2-NF59-TR Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP ATX $129.99 ($99.99 after $30.00 Mail-In Rebate)

    The best of the 2 would be the DFI and I would take it over the best Asus has to offer.
  5. Heaven help you, you get the AMD690G/SB600 if you go straight AMD/ATi.

    But fear not you've chosen wisely.

    But just for giggles, and only ONE 8800GTX, maybe this set up in the signature is a start, toss the 7900gs and go for a kilo-dollar. :P

  6. thank you all for your help. I greatly appreciate all your advice and will be considering it all. I can see my healthy fear of ASUS isn't completely unfounded ;)

    I am not a big fan of EVGA as BOTH of my cards have gone south. my 7900 crapped out on me and the 7800 gts I have right now is just barely limping along, the poor dear. So, I want to avoid EVGA as well now. Too bad. I liked their style.

    I currently use a socket 939 Lanparty nf4 board, and I'm not all that impressed with it really.

    Tho, with an AMD/ATI chipset, would I still be able to use nvidia cards, even tho the chipset is obviously geared towards ATI cards? I would assume yes, but I wanted to double-check on that.

    I suppose I should have specified I was going to invest in one BFG 8800 GTX initially.
  7. Quote:

    About ASUS my guess is the bad reviews comes from the fact that it's the motherboard company that everyone knows and as such is one of the most sold brands(if not the most), so naturally the higher sale gives more complains. Sadly only few take the time to give good scores if everything works.

    I think justjc is on point with this. I have put asus mobos in the last 3 builds i've completed and they've all worked and are working fine.

    and to expand on his nVidia nForce 570 SLI vs nVidia nForce 590 SLI, you want the nForce 590 SLI chipset, it's the only one in the 500 series that supports PCI express 2 X 16
  8. @sriin

    Just out of idle curiosity, what kind of Power Supply do you have, and what do you THINK you will need?

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