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Hey, i love having bass, especialy using my custom setup. It's basicly 2 CD player peakers (both using mono 3.5mm jacks) with 2 portable stereo speakers for walkmans and mp3 players, and in an amazing luck i somehow managed them to sound almost identicle to Dancing stage, however i used a few 7 options, Speaker fill, Switch Centre/LFE and Bass management, however, when trying to run XP, i can't enable these options anywhere and the sound is terrible since the portable speakers aren't amazingly good in the quality range, as you would expect. But my qeustion remains, how could i enable Bass management on XP? Considering when i turn my Mic jack to LFE and Centre it's just two amiplfied speakers with very loud and low qaulity... Please answer ASAP...
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  1. The installed driver provides the software control panel regarding the onboard AC 97 sound chip. If the present driver control panel is no sufficient, perhaps check the MB online download page for an updated sound driver for XP. Installing a third party sound card is another option for enhanced sound production.
  2. I can't find the jetway MB homepage, and even if i did i still have update to the latest Realtek driver for XP, yet i still have the same problem. The Sound Effect control panel doesn't help either.
  3. So, the latest driver does not meet your needs. Sounds typical. I would consider a third party sound card.
  4. The onboard sound on one MB I have is so pathetic, I bought this $10 PCI sound card and used it until I recently bought a Sound Blaster X-Fi on sale. This card is not much, but in a lot of instances it is so much better than some of the onboard solutions out there.
  5. I don't want to buy another sound card when this one works fine. All i need is a way to enable Bass and BAss management on XP.
  6. Silrox9 said:
    I don't want to buy another sound card when this one works fine. All i need is a way to enable Bass and BAss management on XP.

    If the driver you have installed does not allow the bass adjustment you want, then it is not possible to do somethingbthe software is not capable of. Try a different driver for you onboard. AC 97 is very limited, very basic sound production. Enhanced bass worth anything, I don't think so.
  7. There must be at least a thousand drivers for the AC 97 onboard sound chips over the years. Not all drivers work on all chips. You mention you can not find the MB online download page. I would find that page and get the latest driver there for the exact AC 97 chip on the board. The latest driver out there may not be the best in your case. Also, list your system specs so others can help. When you say you have AC 97, that goes back maybe 10 years or more. No idea what your needs are to make Bass work on a MB not even mentioned.
  8. I have the accurate driver, and it's like a AC'97 VIA 3059 i think, made by realtek, and i don't know my MB, only that it's got SATA support, 3 GB of RAM and a AMD Athlon XP 2800+
  9. I would check here for any download available for your specific MB and possiblythe proper driver for onboard sound. Socket A is from long ago. I believe any 'latest' driver would not be fully functional as far as a software panel to control sound specifically Bass. I do believe it is possible to install a driver that may give better control of sound through a software sound panel. Don't know for sure. Some onboard solutions from the past are pretty basic. My socket A has very basic onboard solution. As far as specific bass adjustment, not really sure what to say. The driver provides the sound control panel. Maybe a driver from the product download page will suit your needs.
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