Bad CPU? or something else?

Hi all,

I am wondering if someone could help me. I have a dell XPS 400.

Intel Pentium D Processor 830 (3GHz) w/ Dual Core Technology

It worked fine and then one day it wouldn't turn on. I have inexcusable let the stupid warranty expire so they won't help me.

Anyway, this is what is happening. The led light on the front blinks orange non-stop. I have stripped the system down to the mouse, keyboard, monitor, fans, and one memory stick. When the power is plugged in the stupid light blinks and nothing turns on. I replaced the mobo and the power supply but the same thing happens. There is a green light on the mobo but nothing powers except the blinking orange light and the green light on the mobo, no fans or hard drive or signal to the monitor.

Does this sound like a CPU?

Any advice you have would be great! :?
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  1. does your manual say anything about this green light?
  2. The Dell manual suggests, that a blinking orange power LED is an "internal power problem".

    It recommends to check the voltage settings (110/220), or that it may be caused by a bad power connection to the mother board.
  3. The power being supplied is 110V. How do I check the power connection to the mobo. I know the power supply is good. Any other advice? I replaced the mobo and the power supply with a brand new one and I had the same blinking light.
  4. strip it down to just cpu and heatsink and speaker. See if you get a post beep.

    If you do add memory and so forth. A decent way to find out if something isnt working.
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