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I am trying to attach an external antenna to my cheap dynex usb dongle. I would like to attach an sma adapter but i don't know exactly where to connect the wires. I was assuming that the ground part of the sma was that little C shape in the bottom left corner there and that the actual antenna part was that dot to the right of the "C". I guess it could also be that big metal rectangle in the middle or something. I don't know, which is why I'm posting this. Anyone who knows about this please feel free to comment or suggest.

here's a closer up pic of the spots that i THINK i should be attaching the sma connectors:

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  1. I would guesss you are right about the c-shaped solder but I am intrigued by the tree/maze shape etched on the board next to it which could be an antenna.

    Incidentally, a better solution may be to add a USB extension lead as this will allow you to position the dongle more optimally for reception without the RF loss that would result from (for example) adding an antenna on the end of a cable added to the board.
  2. does anyone else know? i would rather not have to just position the dongle. I have an antenna but i need to know where to connect the two diferent parts. It looks like the "C" is the ground an the little one next to it is the middle part of the antenna plug, but i tried it and it doesnt seem to work.
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