Linksys WMP54G Cannot Connect to Access Point or Net

Yesterday I purchased a Linksys Wireless-G WMP54G PCI card for my desktop. I live in an apartment that I am able to access internet in with 2 seperate laptops. This one I am on right now is running Windows Vista and is the one I mainly use. The other is my roommates that is running Windows XP and he complains about not being able to access the net most of the time.

On this laptop I am able to see that the router is named Motorola 2 and there is one other system connected to the network named LUCY. I am not 100% sure if this is wireless net provided by the apartment complex or if I am just accessing from someone's personal router.

Anyways, I installed the card in my desktop by running the setup wizard and software from the disc first then installing the PCI card and rebooting to finish the wizard. I ran the software and got the message first that said "Cannot Connect to Access Point" then it would change to "Cannot Connect to the Internet" then back to access point. I searched through these forums and tried uninstalling the Linksys software through Add/Remove programs then rebooting and letting Windows wizard take over.

Once I did this, I was still unable to even find the wireless connection even with this laptop sitting right beside the computer accessing the same connection the desktop can't find. I tried disconnecting this laptop from the connection just in case the router only allowed 2 users to the connection. The desktop found the wireless connection for a split second but now nothing.

I have moved the desktop to the living room to try to catch a better signal but still nothing. The card is installed correctly and by running Ipconfig and Ipconfig /all I come up with this:

Windows IP Configuration

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:

Media State ............. : Media Disconnected


Windows Ip Configuration

Host Name ........... : josh-21pe18ghuj
Primary Dns Suffix .:
Node Type .............: Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled : No
WINS Proxy Enabled: No

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:

Media State ....................... : Media Disconnected
Description ......................... : Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter
Physical Address ................ : 00-21-66-**-**

My desktop currently does have another wired ethernet adapter installed and 2 other connections in the Network Connections that I have disabled. Any help would be great and sorry for the long post.
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  1. UPDATE:

    I am able to access the modem/router by using and find out that it is a Motorola Surfboard SBG900 Wireless Cable Modem Gateway

    I am able to log in to the modem using the default admin and password if this helps change any settings that might help me access the network from my desktop.

    Thanks again.
  2. Suggest you connect to the wireless router (you do have a router don't you?) via ethernet cable (look for network socket on your computer) and address the router's user interface via your browser, disabling wireless security temporarily.
  3. I am not using a router. It looks as if I am just accessing the signal from this wireless modem here in my apartment. Im not sure exactly where the modem is but it is close enough that I can get the signal on this laptop when booting Vista.

    As I said before I can access the modem user interface through my browser, there already are no security measures as far as encryption, etc. The SSID is Motorola.
  4. I hadn't realised that you're not even sure if you have the right to access this router.

    I don't mean to be mealy-mouthed as I learned all I know about networking thru "borrowing" internet access from neighbouring businesses in the innocent early days of wireless networking. BUT you may well be breaking the law.

    Most probably the owner is only accessing the net as he needs it -- so you can't get on when he doesn't.
  5. Thanks fihart, I get what you mean in that I may not have legal access to this internet. However, as I said I just moved in to these apartments a few weeks ago and never asked about internet access. I just booted up my laptop and then suddenly it find a wireless network on its own so I shrugged and used it.

    As I said Im not 100% certain if its someones personal wireless modem or something the apartment complex offers. Thanks for the replies.
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