Hot to boot using different drive and XP

I have a laptop runnung WIN 7 home prem. IS it possible to boot it up using an external drive that is out of my old sysem running XP pro, and be able to install and run new XP programs? What pitfalls are there. Im not real savvy with everything. Can't remember what keys to hold to get to the BIOS on startup.
Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Yes its possible however there is a good chance it wont work or you will encounter lots of issues.

    When you installed Windows XP on your old machine windows installed all the chipset & controller drivers for your hardware like motherboard, cpu, video card etc.

    When you boot this operating system from your laptop you will probably experience issues as all the hardware is different.

    Why would you want to boot this external drive from your laptop? If its for data recovery / copying files there is a much easier ways
  2. I see. Yeah there are just a few programs that require XP. It says it's not compatible when I tried to install. I don't have XP mode in my version either.
  3. U cannot boot from external drive.

    Partition your drive to 3 parts and install XP and than u can choose witch one you need at the moment.

    Hold Delete to get to the BIOS on startup (it mostly shows up during start up for moment what key u need to go to BIOS) or maybe u have specific key with your laptop.
  4. Thanks for the replys. I guess I'll have to fork out the $$ for an XP OS . before I worry about learning how to partition and what not.
    Thanks again
  5. Its easy to partition HDD, but why do u need XP?
  6. There are just a couple programs that wont install with Win 7 -64.
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