Upgrading from sp1 to sp2. Does it delete...

If I upgrade from sp1 to sp2 will it delete any of my files on my hard drive I have. IE moves i downloaded. pictures stored. saved passwords. all the hardword i put into my pc already. Never did an upgrade before. thankyou.

and what key facts should i know before I do this upgrade. I goto system. and it says.
service pack one.
Upgrade now.

So i get the option to upgrade but scared to do it because of that.

thankyou for your help
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  1. upgrade wont erase anythings.. for safer side back important files to other drives(D or E..
  2. Upgrading from Vista SP1 to SP2 will not erase any files!

    May be if you have any saved setting in Internet Explorer, then that may be removed!
    You have to enter them manually!
    Desktop themes/Settings may change!
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