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I'm getting a new motherboard within the next few days and i'm planning on wiping my hard drive clean. The only problem is re-installing my OS. I've got a Windows XP Pro Disc+CD Key but i'm not sure if the CD Key is already activated, and i have my original Windows Home Edition CD Key but not the disc. :??:

What could i do to insure a working install of Windows XP, i dont mind which version it is.
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  1. Use your xp pro disc and key. You should be the only one that has that key. As long as you don't have it running on another PC, you can activate it. If it gives you an error saying it's already been activated, call Microsoft's activation number and tell them you did a hardware upgrade and need to reactivate your windows.
  2. I think i have it on another hard drive somewhere but i dont think its actually in use in a computer.
  3. It's not in use on a PC, so it's fine.
  4. If you're not going to format and the HAL of the new motherboard is similar (in general if it is from the same manufacter it works) you could use your HDD or just clone it to a new one.
    A very good solution, if you have another HDD to backup your complete system, is to use Acronis True Image with the Universal Restore option (now is Acronis Backup & Recovery 10). With the Universal Restore option you can restore a previously created clone/image of your entire system to any hardware and activate the system after the restoration.
  5. do i wipe my hard drive while my old motherboard is in or my new one?
  6. You can do the format with either motherboard in, but you should do the fresh install with the new motherboard installed.
  7. Mind me asking what MB and what processor and memory and vid card(s) you have going into this system?
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